A 1960 Wedding Shower memory

My aunt, Ida Jones Saxton, recently shared some recipe cards that she received from the church ladies at her wedding shower in 1960. This is an excerpt from my March newsletter about the recipe cards.

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Aunt Idas recipes

The year was 1960. Aunt Ida, aka Ida Pearl Jones, was getting married. The women of the Brethren Church, in Glendora, California, held a shower and gave her some recipe cards to start off her married life.

Recipes for Newleyweds, Delia Filley
Bread Crumb Cookies, Inez (Ramsour)
Chocolate Chip Cookies, Syliva L. Netzley
Cocoanut Washboards, Helen Ames
Olde Time Cookies (Buttermilk), Inez (Ramsour)
Brown Sugar Cookies, Mrs. Annie Myers
Glorified Rice, Mrs. S.H. Hosfeldt
Cabbage Salad, Rachel Brumbaugh
Chicken Dumpling, Inez (Ramsour)
Lime-Cottage Cheese Salad, Esther Miller

Here are a few of the recipes that were given to Ida. Thank you for sharing with us Aunt Ida!

Recipes for Newley Wed’s:
Starting new home, mix everything with love, sweeten with sugar and kisses. Bake in new oven. Eat with gladness be careful of stomach aches. (Delia Filley)

Bread Crumb Cookies
1 can Eagel brand condensed milk
1 “ bread crumbs packed
1 “ chopped nuts
2 teaspoon cinnamone
½ “ salt
Bake at 375, 12 mi            (Inez Ramsour)

Glorified Rice
1 cup of long-grain rice cooked in lots of water for about 30 minutes, or until tender. Empty into strainer and wash the starch out under the faucet and drain.
Add ½ tsp. salt and let cool.
Add 1 small can of crushed pineapple, drained. Add ½ cup sugar.
Whip ½ pt. of cream until it stands in peaks. Fold in cream last and chill.
P.S. 2 tsp sugar in the cream       (Mrs. S. H. Hosfeldt)

Lime-Cottage Cheese Salad       
1 package lime Jello        1 (s) can pineapple (crushed)
¼ cup sugar                        1 cup cream, whipped
2/3 cup hot water            1 cup creamed cottage cheese
Dissolve Jello and sugar in hot water. Add pineapple and chill until congealed but not firm. Whip with beater. Then add cottage cheese and whipped cream. Mix well. Pour into individual molds or ring mold and chill. Unmold and serve with lettuce and mayonnaise if desired.
Sent in by Mrs. Merian E. Rosell, Rochester, Minnesota
I have made this quite a number of times and it is very good.      (Esther Miller)

stone church

The Brethren Church in Glendora, California, ca 1933


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