T: Thankful…For Life Now

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T: Thankful…For Life Now

While I enjoy hearing and reading of times past and feel that I could immerse myself in these trips back into time … I really am thankful that I live now.

Here’s a few fun tidbits that reinforce why I’m thankful for today’s world.


BBD_doing laundryDry the starched articles perfectly, then dip them in a pail of boiling water and pass them through the wringer twice. They may then be ironed at once, or they may be rolled up in a dry cloth. The fabric may be ironed with greater ease after being dampened I this way than when sprinkled in the usual manner. Turpentine in starch gives an added whiteness and luster to the ironed articles. Use on tablespoonful to a quart of starch. – Ladies Home Journal.

And not just the ironing…thinking of doing the wash is a whole other matter to be thankful for. Gee, life is so rough now. I turn the dial to the setting I want, choose the water level, add some soap, dump the clothes in…and I’m done! It took me, what, a whole two minutes? Maybe five if I had to gather up the clothes to wash.

As much as I grumble sometimes about all the new technology that has flooded our world, and oftentimes not for the best (such as cell phones and computers dominating any social time) when it comes to laundry, I am very thankful for the new advances in our lives.


You often want to go someplace on bread-making day, but think you cannot, as you have bread on hands. It can be disposed of in this way: Make sponge at noon the day before baking. Before going to bed make dough, set in cool place; next morning before breakfast make into loaves. By 8 or 9 o’clock your bread is baked and you hardly know you have had it on hands.

The above helpful tip was cut from an old newspaper article. It was submitted by Gertrude Wrenick, Morristown, Indiana.

I believe I found Gertrude Wrenick, placing the undated tip prior to 1903. Gertrude is listed as a teacher on a 1892-1893 Shelbyville City Directory and County Gazeteer, Morristown, Indiana. Will Phillipy is listed as a traveling salesman on the same directory. (Directory here) William H. Phillipy and Gertrude (Wrenick) Phillipy had a daughter, Ruth Phillipy Parish, born July 22, 1904, in Morristown. (Ruth’s obituary here)


For cleaning flatirons or waxing thread, paraffin can be used exactly like beeswax.

Wooden tubs and pails can be made water-tight and prevent absorption of odors by running a thin coating over the inside of same.

Carpenters use it on shingles, mixed with linseed oil.


4 thoughts on “T: Thankful…For Life Now

  1. That is so true, life is so much easier now thanks to all those technological innovations! Even when I think back to my childhood 30 years ago, we had to do the pre-wash in the bathtub, main wash in an old tumbler machine, then put the clothes into the centrifuge and hold it by hand… well I usually sat on it and read instead but I couldn’t leave it alone to do its thing 😊 and no dryers, had to hang the clothes either in the yard or during winter in the loft which was quite scary… times have changed quick! Thanks for reminding me of those times I almost forgot 😊

    Andrea from Music & Words blog
    Volunteer in Damyanti’s D Company #atozchallenge

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