W: White Settlement Historical Museum

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W: White Settlement Historical Museum

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History, music, log cabins and Civil War reenactments; what more of the past could one want? White Settlement Historical Museum, just outside of Fort Worth Texas, has all of this in more.

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Come experience Civil War Living History when members of the 15th Texas Cavalry/2nd MO. U.S. present a day of living history, in Union and Confederate military garb with their black-powder pistols, rifles and shotguns, swords and knives and military kit.

White Settlement Historical Museum
8320 Hanon Drive
White Settlement, Texas 76108
Phone: 817-246-9719

Tuesday through Saturday: 10 A.M. – 3 P.M. Closed Sunday and Monday


History of White Settlement, Texas

One of the earliest men to take advantage of the liberalized land policy was Logan Vandiver who received a “Headwright Certificate” dated February 16, 1836 to a 1476 acre tract just west of the Trinity River where the present city of White Settlement is located. The area was heavily infested with Indians. And in 1840, across and east of the Trinity River, Bird’s Fort was built. This stockade was about twenty miles away from the settlers west of the Trinity and afforded them little or no protection. In September of 1843 a treaty was signed at Bird’s Fort by representatives of the Republic of Texas and Indian tribes which opened the door for more pioneers to claim the fertile plains of the “Grand Prairie” in what is now western Tarrant County and Parker County.

Read more White Settlement history here.

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1927 Farmall Tractor – Used on the Grant Farm in White Settlement

For some fun old time reading, check out the stories
at Norris Chambers Old Timers Tales.

How We Made Gasoline is one of the stories on the site above.




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