Flora’s Mother’s Day, May 1949

April’s A to Z Blog Challenge is over for the year. This challenge is a lot of fun and I always find a lot of exciting new blogs to follow. But after a crazy month of posting every day except Sundays, it’s nice to slow back down to our regular schedule. We’ll be back to posting once a week.

I’m also excited, because I’ll have time this month to get back to transcribing Flora’s Diary. This is a five-year diary that Flora Luper kept from 1948 – 1952. I opened the manuscript up tonight, to see where I was before I got busy with A to Z. I saw that when I stopped a month ago, I’d just transcribed Flora’s entries for May 1949. One day she mentioned getting Mother’s Day greetings from Dot and Thord, one of her two daughters and one of her two sons.

Looking at a 1949 calendar to see when Mother’s Day was that year, I was surprised to see that it was on Sunday, May 8th, the same as this year’s celebration.

Here’s what Flora recorded about her week, the first week of May 1949. Flora lived in Johnson, Arkansas, a small town near Fayetteville and Springdale.

Floras Diary1

May 1949

1st: Rained last nite. Milked the cow for the last time until she freshens. Al gone to work. It Sunday. Went to B.Y.P.U. & church to-nite.

2nd: Went to Stamper & Springdale with Mrs. Parker. Picked 5 qts berries. Mrs. Ruby Num came over to see me. Warm. Pretty weather.

3rd: Gave Joy 2 qts berries, Wade 2, Mrs. Rothrock one, Mrs. Logue one. Washed last nite. Ironed clothes today.

4th: Walked to pavement. Went on to Fay(etteville) with Mabel. Walked down to Mrs. E. Logue. Had dinner & W.M.U. meeting. Rode home with Mildred.

5th: Went to work in berries by myself in Springdale. Made $4.80. Rode with Ed Bookout back on the bus. Letter from Margie.

6th: Picked crate berries, washed, stemed & sliced. Took them to the locker to nite. So tired. Mother Day greetings from Dot & Thord.

7th: Carrie, Hazel & I went to stem berries at George in Springdale. Worked 9 hrs. Came hard rain late. Al came after me. Got feed, spray.

8th: Al & I fixed 10 qt berries for the locker. Went to B.Y.P.U & church tonite. The folks from church all saw Dot in Ft. Smith.

mothers day


2 thoughts on “Flora’s Mother’s Day, May 1949

  1. It is truly nice to be able to get back to what I love doing most, working on my manuscripts. This five-year diary of Flora sounds interesting. I am just joining but I hope to be able to follow along and catch the intricate meanings of what she left behind.


    Liked by 1 person

    • I love reading through old journals and diaries like this. Lots of mundane activities. Washed. Ironed. Washed my hair. But yet, so much insight into a life from so long ago. And sprinkled with little historical tidbits.


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