52 Recipes for the Hotpoint Waffle Iron (1928)

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Life was moving right along in 1928. Technology was advancing. Electricity and the wonderful new appliances were making life easier across the nation. One delightful new appliance was ‘The Famous Hotpoint Waffle Iron’. As this little cookbooklet says, “Any number of delightfully tempting delicacies can be prepared right at the table on a Hotpoint Waffle Iron appropriate for ANY meal or for ANY occasion during the day.”

The little recipe book, 52 Hotpoint Recipes, was about 2” x 3” and 64 page long and sold for 10 cents.

A Different Delight for Each Sunday Night
This booklet of 52 Tested Recipes each to be made on a Hotpoint Waffle Iron is the culmination of our experimental work in preparing other than waffles on the Electric Waffle Iron. We are endeavoring to give to Home-makers menu suggestions and recipes – not only for crisp brown waffles but delicious cookies, sandwiches, cake, doughnuts, fritters and desserts – using the waffle iron as a table cooking device three times a day – and for those in-between-time refreshments.

And all these years I thought waffles were just for breakfast.


There’s Waffles with Chicken, Sausage Waffles, Waffles with Mushrooms, and Waffles with Asparagus. Not only these, but dozens of dessert items such as Cocoanut Delicacies, Cookies, Gingerbread, and N.E.L.A. Cake. (What’s a N.E.L.A. Cake? I’ve never heard of one.) There’s even Chocolate Brownies. I have to admit, the Sour Cream Molasses Cookies sounds interesting.

I don’t have a Famous Hotpoint Waffle Iron, only a generic whatever-we-can-get-at-Walmart special. I might have to pull it out and try a few of these 1928 recipes. Maybe not the Waffles with Asparagus though. I love asparagus, but I think I’ll pass on this particular combination.

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