My New Treasure – 1930’s Pressure Cooker


pressure cooker.jpg


I got a treasure this week. My Grandma Cline’s pressure cooker. It’s the one she used before my dad was born (in 1934). After my dad was born, she got nervous about using it with a baby in the house. Being the frugal people that she and my grandfather were, it wasn’t tossed though, even though she didn’t use it anymore. After her death in 1984, it was still kept. Then it was passed down to my dad, and last week I got it. I won’t be using it myself. I’m just its current caretaker. I’ll treasure it and remember my Grandma Cline. Although…I have the perfect cookbook to use with it – a vintage 1944 How to Preserve Victory Garden Vegetables.

What’s one of your favorite items that sends you down memory lane?

victory garden cookbook.jpg



One thought on “My New Treasure – 1930’s Pressure Cooker

  1. That is a interesting treasure,. Never saw one that had the screw down lid. I have canned and cooked with a perssure cooker,but Grandma always used the water bath canning method. I don’t think my other Grandma ever can . She lived in town with very little yard.

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