A to Z Theme Reveal – Researching

researching 1.jpg

The A to Z Blog Challenge is gearing up for its 2017 launch. Join us in April as thousands of blogs participate in the challenge. Each day, except Sundays, we post a blog for the letter of the day. April 1st is ‘A’, April 2nd is ‘B’, etc.

For the challenge this year, Vintage Daze is blogging about research. We’ll talk about a lot of the fun (and sometimes frustrating) pieces about digging into the past, looking for clues to either our family research, historical research for our writing, or simply what we’re curious about.

We’ll talk about Bibles, diaries, historical societies, museums, quilts, war records and more. Come back and join us as we get down and dusty in the archives. Click to follow VINTAGE DAZE and you won’t miss any posts. And don’t worry, after April we go back to our posting once every week or two, so your inbox won’t explode.

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