B: Bible (Family Bibles) #AtoZChallenge


Thanks for stopping by! During the month of April, we’re participating in the A to Z Blog Challenge. We’re posting every day (except Sundays) to the letter of the day – A to Z through the whole month. Vintage Daze’s theme for April is RESEARCH. Join us as we get down and dirty in the archives.

B: Bibles

VD_family bible.jpgFamily Bibles are important sources of vital family statistics, often containing a plethora of historical names and dates. Some families have maintained better documentation than others in these family heirlooms. Some Bibles contain line after line of vital dates and records, while others only provide a smattering of information.

The downside to using family Bible’s for research is that there’s only one item – and often dozens of descendants. Who gets the Bible? Who has access to the information?

Fortunately, one benefit to the new technology available with computer and the internet is that this information can be digitally saved, giving access to unlimited numbers of people. Several sites exist where people are beginning to post digital family Bible records. As this becomes more known, more records will become available to others. Many states are also beginning to start a family Bible site.

Here are a few sites that that have Bible records and images:

Ancestor Hunt

There are over 500 pages of Bible records and images accessible from this page. I am continuously adding to these Bible records transcribed from old Family Bibles so keep checking back for your family names. Be aware that most Family Bibles contain more than one surname, particularly in the marriage records section. Often times Bible Records will help you find that elusive maiden name you have been searching for or help you locate the birthplace and birth date of an ancestor. Some Bibles even contain names of Godparents and baptismal records. In addition to the data and photos from the Bibles, I have added census records wherever there was enough information provided to enable a census search. I have begun indexing ALL names found in these Bibles. When you find a name in the index and click on it, you will arrive at the Bible page where that name is found. You will then have to find the name in that Bible transcription.

Ancestors at Rest

Find your ancestors in death records. Search free genealogy death records such as coffin plates, death cards, funeral cards, wills, church records, family bibles, cenotaphs and tombstone inscriptions on AncestorsAtRest.com Find links to other genealogy death records like cemeteries, vital stats, and obituaries.

Bible Records Online

Bible Records Online is a site dedicated to transcribing and digitizing the contents of family records that were written inside family Bibles and in other important documents from as early as the 1500s through today. Often, these were the only written records of births, marriages and deaths of a family, and these remain solid components to proving a family genealogy.

VD_family bible2.jpg

Bible Records Databases


Missouri Bible Records, Vol. 1

New York Family Bible Records, 1581-1917

Tennessee Marriage and Bible Records

Free Bible Records

NC State Library Bible Records Collection

Virginia – Search 6000 Family Bibles


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Trisha Faye is captivated about people, places, and pieces of the past. When she can tear herself away from researching, she writes stories about the fascinating snippets she discovers, such as the stories in her book, Wash on Monday.

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2 thoughts on “B: Bible (Family Bibles) #AtoZChallenge

  1. I am still waiting to find my first family bible. The best I have so far is a quote from a bible in a military pension record…but I’ll keep on searching. Blogging about family history/genealogy for the A to Z Challenge at Molly’s Canopy. Good luck with your challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for stopping by Molly. I have our family Goss family Bible and I’m keeping it clutched tightly . I have a friend that’s discovered several family Bible’s at antique stores. She bought them and researched to find family descendants and gave them back to the families. Going to check out your blog!


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